Smart Fast Charging Cart

A complete smart charging cart solution with independent USB Type A charging ports to efficiently charge, store, and secure phones, tablets, and other mobile devices with 5V input voltages.

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Smart tablets charging management with JAMANET Smart Type A series Charging Carts

USB Type A 12W charging cart designed by JAMANET, can charge, store and secure mobile phone, iPad, tablets, Chromebook, and any mobile devices with 5V input voltage. The built-in charging system is designed according to market need.

JAMANET Charging Carts Make Charge & Store Easier

JAMANET allows organizations to reach their goals by saving a considerable amount of time in cart setup and use. Our charging carts are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user, solving pain points specific to your needs.

Charges Up to 48 units of Devices
Easy to Transport Devices
As Durable as It Gets
2 Years Warranty & Easy Update into higher lines
One Stand Purchase and Support OEM orders

There are 48 bays for tablets & iPad. Each bay can meet the biggest size as 12.9 inches. Can charge & store up to 48 devices with the max tablets & iPad as 12.9 inches.

Built-in Charging Management System Software makes our charging fast and smart.

Each bay matches 1 Type C charging port with 1 charging indicator LED light. 2 different colors of the LED light shows 2 different charging status.

Type A Series Charging Cart Product Benefits

Top Surface Flat Design as Workspace

The secure lid can be used as a work surface in space-strapped rooms.

The sturdy sheet steel construction can provide sufficient support to place heavy objects

Future Proof Design

Think inside the box, and you won’t be stuck with a bunch of outdated Carts. Removable charging box design allows this Cart to adapt to future needs as devices change or new technology is added.

Size Compatibility

JAMANET USB Type A series Carts come standard with laptops vertical display, and the bay size can meet for the largest devices up to 12.9 inch(41cm x 28cm x 2.8cm).

SMT Charging Management System

JAMANET SMT Charging Management System handles power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power. Never blow a fuse again. Plus, it ensures that devices are not overcharged, increasing their longevity.

Visible Window Reverse door

Reverse Front door, PC glass, meet demands to open at right or left, see charging devices situation directly any time.

Quiet Free Swivel Wheel

4 5″ overall swivel casters with brake make the charging cart move to everywhere easily and smoothly.

Ultra Secure

Protect your device investment without worry. Secure the devices inside of the cart by 3-point lock system. Lock away devices in the storage area with a padlock. An optional anchor kit locks the whole Cart to the wall. Also, many different locker optional for your selection, e.g. digital lockers, mechanical lockers, smart lockers, …

Double security design, charge & store your laptops and Chromebooks efficiently and secure.

Double security insurance

Our Charging Cart can add with a high-quality, combination padlock with an optional anchor kit assembling. Also, many different locker optional for your selection, e.g. digital lockers, mechanical lockers, smart lockers, …

Double security design, charge & store your laptops and Chromebooks efficiently and secure.

2 Color LED Indicator

It’s easy to know the charging status of your devices through the the indicator’s color.
(White: not charging; Green: Charging; White: Full charging.)

Key Features


Reverse Visible Front door Design

Reverse Front door, big visible window, meet demands to open at right or left, see charging devices situation directly any time.


Vertical Charging Bay Design

Vertical Standing of the laptops design makes the space utilization rate inside of the cart more higher.


Child-safe design

Child-safe design, smooth round  corners and edges at sides and top, void hurting anybody by chance, safeguard students.


Future-Proof Design

Rmovable Charging Box with 2-color LED indicator can indicate each charging port’s charging status, with / without charging and with / without connecting. Imagine the costs and time your organization would save if you don’t need to replace your charging solutions every time you roll out new mobile devices. Future-proof charging solutions combine universal charging, open-concept designs and durability to put money back in your budget and time back in your schedule. Looking to charge 48 devices?

JAMANET USB Type A Charging Cart Hardware Specs & Accessories

48 Bays USB Type A Charging Cart 12W
Model Number JM-CCF-USB-48
Product Type Multi-Device Charger
Functions Charge/Secure/Sync
Max Power 12W/single-port independent
Slot Number 48 bays
Device Compatibility Teblet / iPad / iPhone
Shelf Number 3 Shelves
Lock Type Key
Product Specs 40”(H) x 25”(W) x 18“ (D) | 125.5 lbs
102cm (H) x 63.3cm (W) x 45.8cm (D) | 57.5 kgs
Bay Specs 11” (H) x 1.1” (W) x 16” (D)
28cm (H) x 2.8cm (W) x 41cm (D)
48 Bays per cart
Bay Power One (1) PD 3.0 USB Type A port
5Vac 2.4A Max One (1) 12W USB-A Power Delivery port per bay
Available output power range: 5V 2.4A
Bay Access PD 3.0 USB Type A port
Type A to X charging cable
Number of Charging Ports 48 units
Cart Input Power Specs 100-250Vac
50/60Hz (auto-select)
16A Max
Input Plug Type C13 to Country plug
Input Cord Length (m) 3.5 meter
Cart Output Power Specs 5-24Vac 200W as Max per shelf
Construction System Built-In Circuit Breaker
Flow-Through Ventilation
Cord Management
3-point Locking System
Powder-coated steel wth 1.2mm thickness
Protection System Over-charge Protection
Over-current Protection
Auto Cooling System
Warranty 2 Years Limited Warranty on main frame,
1 Year Limited electrical and all other components
Certifications Approvals Tested to ETL, CCC, CE, Rohs
Optional Accessories Machanical Lockers
Smart Ditigal Locker
Padlock Kit
USB Type A to C charging cable
USB Type A to Lightning charging cable
Handle & Caster Kit
UV Sterilization Kit
Wall-mount Kit
SMT Charging Management System
AC Time Charging Management System
Universal Key
1 locker 1 Key
20000 mah 65W Laptop Power Bank Kit
White/Orange/Black/Blue/Green as paint optionals

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