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Why Us

A trustworthy business partner, growing together with customers.

4 good reasons
to choose JAMANET

Quality Control

We know what a breakdown while the equipment in charging may lead to: inestimable financial losses, to say the least. That’s why safety and stability are one of the key factors while choosing the right equipment:

JAMANET ensures only high-quality products can pass through our in-depth quality control system, as we implement only certified and fail-proof methods for bringing more profitability to your businesses while assuring first-class quality of both products and services. Returns, mistakes and poor service can have massive negative effects on the profitability of any business, so quality control is crucial and JAMANET knows how to keep it at the highest level.


Company Certifications

We believe that leadership and excellence in supplying our customers with quality products is essential to our long-term competitiveness, that’s why we incessantly invest significant resources to always obtain the required highest standards of quality and reliability. The Certifications JAMANET has gained throughout the years are a visible proof of our commitment: CE, ROHS, ETL, 3C, BV, ISO9001-2008 and more. Feel free to contact us should you need further details or clarifications on the certified quality of our products


Full-speed Customization

Flexibility is crucial in Charging and IT industry. Living in a high-technology world requires high-speed adaptability, that’s why JAMANET never gets stuck in the past, we always face and anticipate the future market trends, customizing our products to ensure the ever-changing needs of our customers are always fully satisfied, always enjoying state-of-the art design and functionality, consistently staying ahead of their competitors without even trying.

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Management Team Introductions

Years of ever-growing hands-on experience made us become what we are today, a renowned top player in the data center hardware industry. But we couldn’t have achieved this without our strongest ally: our loyal community of professionals, working as hard as we do, together with JAMANET seasoned team of R&D specialists, visionary designers, QC inspectors and after-sales experts, all firmly devoted to changing the present and building the future of IT technologies.