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    AC 32 Port Smart Charging Cart for Mobile And laptop

    Smart PDU, auto-identify and distributes power, safely preventing overloading. Only 2 buttons, simple practice, large functions(detailed comparison of smart charging). It can fit every country in the world, so it’s…

    AC 32 Port Charging Cart for Mobile And laptop

    The time delay switch can prevent overload due to excessive instantaneous current when charging. Charge, store, secure, and organize any combination of up to 32 laptops, tablets, and/or Chromebooks. AC…
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    For Tablet and iPad USB Type C 16 bays 18W

    JAMANET™ Type C Series Smart Fast Charging Cabinet A complete smart charging cabinet solution with independent Type C charging ports to efficiently charge, store, and secure phones, tablets, laptops and…

    Floor Charging Cart 32 Bays Type-c charging

    Feature and Benefits Charge, store, secure and organize any combination to 32 laptops. Each type-C port charge power can be 65W. Locking steel doors and side panels prevent theft and…

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