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Charging cabinet is an intelligent device that integrates charging, storage, and management.

It can be widely used in the following scenarios:

  1. Educational institutions: schools, training institutions, etc., providing charging services for mobile devices such as phones and tablets to students and teachers.
  2. Office places: companies, government agencies, etc., providing charging services for mobile devices to employees, facilitating office and work.
  3. Commercial places: public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, cafes, restaurants, airports, and stations, providing free or paid mobile device charging services to customers and tourists.
  4. Other places: public places such as hospitals, libraries, sports venues, parks, scenic spots, etc., providing charging services for tourists and customers, facilitating their life and travel.

The wide application areas of Jamanet charging cabinets can meet the charging needs of different places, and provide users with convenient, safe, and efficient charging experience.

Intelligent PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a device that distributes electric power to multiple devices in a data center, server room, or other computing environments. It can monitor and manage power consumption and provide remote access to power control.

Here are some application fields where intelligent PDUs are commonly used:

  1. Data Centers: Intelligent PDUs are widely used in data centers to distribute power to servers, storage systems, and networking equipment. They provide real-time monitoring of power usage and alerts for potential issues, such as overloaded circuits.
  2. Telecommunications: Telecom operators rely on intelligent PDUs to manage power distribution to various communication equipment, including routers, switches, and other network devices. They also provide remote power cycling and monitoring for efficient network management.
  3. Healthcare: Medical facilities often use intelligent PDUs to provide reliable and efficient power distribution to medical devices and equipment. The PDUs can also monitor power consumption and help healthcare providers to manage their energy costs.
  4. Industrial Automation: In manufacturing and industrial settings, intelligent PDUs can provide accurate power distribution to control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other industrial equipment. They also provide real-time monitoring and control of power usage, enabling better energy efficiency and cost savings.

In summary, Jamanet intelligent PDUs are versatile devices that can provide efficient and reliable power distribution and management across various industries and applications.