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AC 32 Port Charging Cart for Mobile And laptop

  • 3″ Heavy-duty castors for easy movement, and can hold 50KG each castor.
  • Sturdy steel construction, ensure security for charging devices’ housing organizing and preventing theft and tampering
  • Smart cooling system with air flow ventilation keeps the devices longer lifetime in use.
  • ETL, CE, ROHS, 3C certificates approved.


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    The time delay switch can prevent overload due to excessive instantaneous current when charging.
    Charge, store, secure, and organize any combination of up to 32 laptops, tablets, and/or Chromebooks.
    AC charging provides an outlet for each device’s power adapter. Devices are easily cabled and fully charged free of any program setup or circuit overload.
    Draw-out design makes power adapter wiring easier.
    Custom country-specific outlet strips include plenty of space to fit oversized wall plugs or Buick-style AC.
    Patented clip design, make the cables fixed and neat, no pulling cable out by kids. And protect and organize each tablet neatly. Swivel casters make it easier to transport devices smoothly. Child-safe design with smooth, rounded corners and edges to safeguard students.
    Widely used in education, healthcare, retail, commercial, industrial, and office settings.

    Cart comes standard in white and orangewith steel fixture. Jamanet expressionsfull line of colors available on orders of 50 or more.

    1 year

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