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Simple and exact control each rack equipment Data Collection Controller

The design concept of the data center dynamic environment acquisition controller is to collect real-time environmental parameters, safety status, and energy consumption data inside the cabinet through various built-in sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors, electrical parameter sensors, door magnetic sensors, etc.

Through embedded systems for data processing, the collected data is transmitted to the monitoring center for real-time monitoring and management by administrators. Its design purpose is to provide an efficient and intelligent solution for monitoring the computer room environment, to ensure the safety and stability of equipment operation.


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    • Support multiple unlocking methods including access cards, passwords, fingerprints, and facial recognition
    • Support alarm SMS and email notifications to achieve remote alarm notification
    • Supporting POE bus power supply and communication, with abundant bandwidth resources and high communication efficiency
    • Support remote upgrades, export of fault data, and synchronization of configuration parameters
    • Supporting 2 access controls for a single micro module
    • Support RS485 interface transmission function, and enable communication with network management after connecting southbound components
    • Support the modification of device performance parameters and historical query of performance data
    • Support asset management, electricity management, and cooling capacity management, facilitating timely monitoring of dynamic information changes within micro modules for effective management
    • Support wizard startup



    • Support intelligent linkage management, customizable linkage logic, and achieve intelligent operation and maintenance
    • Supports dual power input with high reliability
    • Support automation functions such as fire linkage and smoke alarm linkage
    • Adopting POE ring network to reduce network failure points and achieve high reliability
    • Support cabinet level electronic locks, door magnets, and temperature monitoring, with high security
    • Supports integration with DCIM systems and SNMP protocol, enabling centralized management of multiple scenarios and modules



    • Support PAD APP for real-time viewing of device information, facilitating operation and maintenance
    • Support plug and play access to POE bus for monitoring network element devices, self discovery, self registration, configuration free, fast delivery, and high maintainability

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