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Multi-function wall open frame rack for IT areas. Flat packing for transportation space saving

This 45U Open Frame Rack supports up to 600kg and is ideal for 19-inch equipment. Made of heavy-duty steel with a scratch-resistant black finish, it includes optional casters, leveling feet, and cable management hooks. The rack is easy to install with pre-drilled floor holes and numbered mounting positions.


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    For a complete server storage solution that saves you time and hassle, this rack includes optional accessories such as casters, leveling feet and cable management hooks. The base is also pre-drilled for securely fastening the rack to the floor if needed, providing you with additional stability to better suit your server environment.

    Open frame rack is an economical way to accommondate up to 45U of rack space for 19-inch rack mount applications in limited spaces. It’s heavy-duty, cold-rolled steel construction can safely support 600KG of rack mount equipment. The black RAL9005 power-coat finish makes it resistant to scratching. The LNFORA is easy to install due to a self-squaring design combined with optional 12-24. 10-32 threaded of cage nuts holes and numbered mounting positions along with bolt down provisions.

    Model Capacity(U) Depth(mm) Pcs in Carton Flat Packing Size(L*W*H)mm Packing Weight(KG)
    LN-FOR-01 4 550mm 2 580*540*270 13
    LN-FOR-01 6 550mm 2 580*540*270 15
    LN-FOR-01 9 550mm 2 580*540*270 18
    LN-FOR-01 12 550mm 2 580*540*270 21
    LN-FOR-01 15 550mm 2 810*540*270 24
    LN-FOR-01 18 550mm 2 950*620*270 30
    LN-FOR-01 20 550mm 2 1030*620*270 36
    LN-FOR-01 22 550mm 2 1120*620*270 40
    LN-FOR-01 25 550mm 2 1260*620*270 46
    LN-FOR-01 27 550mm 2 1350*620*270 50
    LN-FOR-01 32 550mm 2 1572*700*270 58
    LN-FOR-01 37 550mm 2 1794*700*270 66
    LN-FOR-01 42 550mm 2 2016*700*270 74

    * Please contact us for more sizes.

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