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Restaurant Table Lamps Charging Solution

As we all know,more and more people choose to have dishes in a restaurant in the modern society,especially couples and families. So the atmosphere is very important. However,a table lamp could solve the problem of the atmosphere effectively,and most of restaurants do the same.

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Table lamps in restaurant

So there is a great need for the table lamps in restaurants. To keep those table lamp working continuously,people need to charge them in time. Therefore,what’s the solution to charge table lamps in restaurants? This is the purpose we are discussing today.

When table lamps run out of power or when the restaurant closed,the restaurant staff needs to collect the table lamps and charge them centrally,but it’s just a simple collection without proper management, which can easily cause a series of troubles. Such as the charging cable is tangled up, friction and collision of table lamps, even severe cases can cause fires.

Messy charging cables

A restaurant is a clean, tidy, and atmospheric place where you can enjoy delicious food, so nobody wants to see such a unclean phenomenon. Then people are going to develop and design a cart to charge those table lamps,and according to the kinds of table lamps,people also designed kinds of different carts.

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Charging carts for the table lamp with charging dock

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Charging carts on the market are usually made of plastic or metal in the shape of a flatbed handcart,then according to the request,decide how many layers to make,and then they will equip several boards on each layer to charge the table lamps.But those charging carts are just suit for table lamps with charging dock.

However,we know there are too many restaurants’ table lamps are charging by charging cables and not charging through the bottom. So how to make them charge centrally and manage uniformly ? We also conducted a survey,we found that only a few manufacturers are willing to produce this type of desk lamp for wired charging.

So we decide to develop such a charging cart. Our develop&research team has designed some models for the item.

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As the pictures showed,this is a steel rack with a charging box. So we provide ten ports for charging. Its capacity is ten table lamps. You can put six desk lamps horizontally and four desk lamps vertically. It can charge the two different specifications of the lamp at the same time.Each post has a lot of the same holes, which are used to let the charging cable through, so there is no need to worry about a lot of wires winding together, which is also scientific management of the cable.

In order to achieve multi-functionality, our designer also considers hanging on the wall, placing on the ground ,or moving on wheels when designing. What’s more,    It can also stack multiple charging cabinets on top of each other, which can save more space.

And for more table lamps which charging by charging cables, we also develop another model. It’s simpler and more practical.It is composed of a steel plate that can be hung on the wall and some hooks . Then you can hang the lamp to recharge, like a wine glass.It is hung on the wall does not take up any space, and can also be used as a certain decorative role on the wall.

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So you could put on a plug board to connect a charging cable to charge for table lamps. And the length of hooks could be customized. This length depends on how many lamps you want to fit into a hook.

In addition,We have been deeply in the charging industry, we are always researching and developing more and better charging products. Our purpose is making charging to be more intelligent.

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