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2024 HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

As Asia’s business hub, 2024 HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) provides a golden opportunity for buyers to source an extensive array of spectacular electronics products, also provides the suppliers a treasure chance to meet their potential cooperators from different countries all around the world.


During the period of April 13th– April 16th , we had the privilege of attending the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition). This exhibition brings together major participants from various fields in the industry, showcasing the latest technologies, innovations, and trends.

We, Jamanet, are excited to bring our top-notched products into the exhibition, including our AC32-SMT (32bay AC charging cart with smart operation system) & Type-C-18w(the best-seller charging cart with Type-C outlet)  Charging carts; fully equipped server rack with all accessories and with intelligent system and display screen which can monitor the real-time of environment changes; the intelligent PDUs; the various kinds of our docking stations (we’ve selected different kinds to meet diverse needs); the pop-up sockets; the fast-charging charger and other accessories.  There is always one item that interests you.



The hard work of the employees day after day finally yielded good results, our products were very popular at the exhibition and we talked to many visitors about various industry topics and their demands. We believe that good effort will finally pay off.

Jamanet is firmly committed to growing its industry reputation by improving its product R&D capability, developing its manufacturing operations, bringing you the best quality and the most favorable products. This exhibition is one step forward us, to let the world know us better.



Thank you for HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), it has exposed us to the future of the industry and broadened our understanding of the different demands of this market around the world. We also sincerely invite all of you to become potential collaborators on our future path and become well-known roles in this industry all together.

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